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A brief talk on the color band and the use technique

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Knowledge of color ribbons
Good color band = good effect = longevity
In fact, the most important factor in determining the effect and service life of a needle type printer is the quality of the print ribbon. It is often easily ignored. We can see a lot of wrinkled ribbons that have no color. The user is still using the name to save the cost, but he does not know that it is very easy to cause a broken needle. How much does it cost to change a print head? Compared with the ribbon of more than twenty yuan, it is doubtless picking up sesame and losing the watermelon! The high quality ribbon can print more than 3 million characters, and the inferior ribbon often prints about 100 thousand -20 million characters and can not continue to use, and the difference between the two is dozens of times. Therefore, learning to correctly identify the quality of the color band and choose it is the skill that each needle printer must master.
A, buy color ribbon
Identifying the quality of the printer ribbon is mainly from four aspects, including base, joint weld, ink and length.
The ribbon ribbon is made of nylon yarn. The quality of the ribbon determines the service life of the ribbon and the adhesion and penetration ability of the ink. High density nylon 66 should be selected, woven at high density, with a density of 130 cm per centimeter, and a high density band without filament winding, no fuzzing and no deformation. When choosing the ribbon, the ribbon can be viewed against the light. Generally, it can not be transmitted through light. If it is able to pass through the light, it shows that the base density does not meet the standard requirement. The color ribbon made by this low density nylon is greatly discounted, and the ribbon is especially easy to hang the needle.
The basic requirements for the weld seam of the ribbon are: the welding angle should be more than 30 degrees, the joint is smooth, there is no obvious connection or protruding. It can keep the original fiber characteristics of the base and absorb the ink normally and evenly. The welding seam of high quality ribbon is welded by ultrasonic welding machine, which can effectively guarantee the quality of the joint. The welding seam welded by a simple hot melt or hot pressing method all destroy the fiber characteristics of the belt to varying degrees, which leads to the appearance of a prominent double deck joint, and the interface is not smooth. This ribbon often causes the printing needle to not be returned in time, so as to seriously wear, hang and even break the print needle. Therefore, we should carefully observe the joint welds when choosing ribbons.
Ribbon ink should be moderate, too much or too little will affect printing effect. The ink of high quality ribbon has been treated with degreasing, strong adhesion and can penetrate into the interior of the base fiber. It looks dry and cool. When touch with hand, no obvious ink marks are left on the finger. The printing process of the ink is very uniform, and there is no obvious difference between the printing effect before and after printing. And some bad ink, with hand to touch is greasy, the finger is full of ink marks, seemingly ink enough, but in printing, there will be a heavy color phenomenon (color too thick), that is, the hand touch print paper will be blurred, after a period of obvious light, the use of shorter life. The poor quality ink is not only poor in printing effect, but also can be entered into the print head seam and solidified along the guide hole of the printing needle, blocking the print head, causing the printer to be unable to print it normally. In serious case, the print head can be broken down with the increase of the needle resistance, the printing needle parallel slot is crushed, the print head drive chip or the color belt motor is burned. Bad and so on.
The length of the ribbon is also the General mark to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the ribbons: different types of printers use different ribbons. For example, the length of the NEC P1200/1300/3300/200 EPSONLQ100/150/DLQ1000/LX100 ribbon is 16 meters, and the length of the LQ1500/2500 ribbon is 10 meters. Poor quality ribbons are often not up to standard in length.
The low price is the condition for the survival of the inferior ribbon, and it has a certain market and attracts many consumers. However, due to its short service life and frequent replacement, the printer is always in bad running state and damaged. Therefore, the majority of users must not only look at the price of ribbon, but neglect to identify their quality, otherwise it will cause great economic losses.
The use of color tape and needle printers
Automatic hands-on ribbon
It is not difficult to replace the print ribbon, but the different types of needle type printers are different. Fortunately, the principle of their color ribbon is all the same. Take LQ1600 for example: first, open the top of the printer, and you will see a black box in shape like a clip (usually black), which we call it a dozen. Printing rack, the middle part of it is printed head. Remove the printing rack and take care to pull it up from the end near the printing head. The printer can easily be unloaded. Then the print frame is opened. Because the printing structure of the different types of printer is different, its ribbon winding method is also slightly different, so it is necessary to observe the winding method of the original color band, otherwise the ribbon is likely to be unable to turn and lead to the failure of printing. It is important to note that the two gear of the print rack should be sandwiched with the ribbon, and should be parallel to them, otherwise the ribbon will shift with the gear when it rotates, and the gear can not be rotated at the end. After the ribbon is loaded, the printing rack is installed back to the original place and the ribbon program is replaced.
Daily maintenance and maintenance
A considerable part of the printer's hard and soft faults are caused by improper routine maintenance. Let's talk about this:
A, the environment that ensures the normal work of the printer. The normal temperature range of the needle type printer is 10 -35 C (the change of the temperature will cause the great change of the electrical parameters), the normal humidity range is 30%-80%, the working environment should be kept fairly clean, the printer should be far away from the electromagnetic source.